Nude art & culture in Japan Oiran

This Oiran series is a 123-page “group of works”. It is the result of collaboration between a model and a photographer, and it is also a precious record that we want to preserve forever.

これから100ページに及ぶ「作品群」は、モデルとフォトグラファーの漠然とはしているが、一つの目標を目指した貴重な記録である。 この撮影時は、私は写真を初めて3年目であり、モデルは初めての撮影であった。 モデルと私は、戦友であり同志である関係が5年間は続いたが、終止符を打ち、それぞれは仕切り直しをして、新たな試練へと立ち向かっていくのだろう。


Tetsuro Higashi

I was born and brought up in Tokyo Japan. Now I teach mathematics . At age 20 I took up painting. I took up taking photos before 5 years. I have learned taking photos by myself . I grew up while watching ukiyo-e and have learned a lot from Sandro Botticelli , Pablo Picasso. Studying works of Rembrandt Hamensz . Van Rijn, I make up the light and shadow. * INTERNATIONAL PHOTO EXPO 2015 / 26 February ~ 31 March Piramid Sanat Istanbul, Turkey * World Contemporary Art 2015 Nobember Piramid Sanat Istanbul, Turkey * Festival Europeen de la Photo de Nu 06 ~ 16 May 2016 Solo exposition at palais de l archeveche arles, France *2016 Photo Beijing 13~26th October *Sponsored by Tetsuya Fukui 23 February - 02 March 2019 Cafe & Bar Reverse in Ginza,Tokyo,Japan *Salon de la Photo de Paris 8th – 10th – 11th 2019 directed by Rachel Hardouin *Photo Expo Setagaya April 2020 in Galerie #1317 *Exhibition NAKED 2020 in Himeji    Produce : Akiko Shinmura      Event Organizer : Audience Aresorate December 1th ~ 14th  2020


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