Possibilities and limitations of ChatGPT in the field of art

Let’s consider the possibilities and limitations of ChatGPT in the field of art.

For example, if humans are analogue-generated creatures, ChatGPT is a digitally-generated human creation. The question here is whether the creations generated by ChatGPT can surpass analog (creations born from human ability and sensibility)? That’s it. Some people think that ChatGPT will surpass analog, and that it will never be able to surpass analog (humans), the creation of God… or that it will be a problem if it is surpassed.

The digital images shown here are 800×640 with and specified by 16 levels of font (1,2,3,…e,f). (Pixels) = 512000 (Pixels)  Pixels are granular dots, and one image is formed by a set of approximately 520,000 dots. The problem here is that the brightness is also specified in 16 levels from white to black, which is quite rough. However, if the 6 elements of red, blue, green, saturation, brightness, and hue are specified in 16 steps, to specify one point, if you count the number of cases, 6 of 16 It will be the number of powers, and it will be possible to specify about 20 million colors. If we specify it in 16 levels of gradation, it feels pretty rough, but if we think that we are choosing one point from 20 million colors, we can see that there are “tremendous choices.”

From here on, it’s just my speculation and speculation, but I believe that humans have more than 16 levels of sensible gradation, and that there are nearly infinite gradations. It may be impossible to identify more than 20 million colors for a single color, but there are colors that people choose based on their sensibility, and colors that they ignore and cannot see (not recognize). Then there is no need to distinguish 20 million colors. Digital in visual art is finite in the sense that it can be counted, while analog (film) and painting are infinite. Because Go(囲碁) and Shogi(将棋) are on a finite board, they are no match for computers. Digital-based ChatGPT, AI, etc. are within a finite number of cases, and I don’t think they will surpass analog (humans).

Even if what is rational is finite, what is irrational or irrational is ambiguous and uncertain, and we can think of it as something close to infinity. The world of visual art based on individual sensibilities is ambiguous and uncertain, and it seems to be in a realm that will forever be out of reach from digital sources.

It’s an abstract story, but Modigliani’s work is the only product of chance in this world, and no matter how hard the digital-based ChatGPT, AI, etc., try to reproduce the coincidence, I don’t think so.


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Tetsuro Higashi

I was born and brought up in Tokyo Japan. Now I teach mathematics . At age 20 I took up painting. I took up taking photos before 5 years. I have learned taking photos by myself . I grew up while watching ukiyo-e and have learned a lot from Sandro Botticelli , Pablo Picasso. Studying works of Rembrandt Hamensz . Van Rijn, I make up the light and shadow. * INTERNATIONAL PHOTO EXPO 2015 / 26 February ~ 31 March Piramid Sanat Istanbul, Turkey * World Contemporary Art 2015 Nobember Piramid Sanat Istanbul, Turkey * Festival Europeen de la Photo de Nu 06 ~ 16 May 2016 Solo exposition at palais de l archeveche arles, France *2016 Photo Beijing 13~26th October *Sponsored by Tetsuya Fukui 23 February - 02 March 2019 Cafe & Bar Reverse in Ginza,Tokyo,Japan *Salon de la Photo de Paris 8th – 10th – 11th 2019 directed by Rachel Hardouin *Photo Expo Setagaya April 2020 in Galerie #1317 *Exhibition NAKED 2020 in Himeji    Produce : Akiko Shinmura      Event Organizer : Audience Aresorate December 1th ~ 14th  2020



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