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Poem : Maya Inoue

Translated By Keiko Yonaha

Photo : Tetsuro Higashi


Maya Inoue [official] :


Maybe someone has been wishing for a long time.
Country ,People and Nature ---
everything may be someone's wish.

Becoming generous by looking up the blue sky ---
becoming sweeter by looking at a baby ---
Lamenting for the reality that your found ---
everything may be someone's wish.

If we are living on someone's wish,
just like an endless game we are playing,
then, It is rather easier to know the answer beforehand.
Why are we struggling to live?

Because I have been wishing continuously 
since before I understood this,
even if it's an endless game with an unknown objective,
it may that I wish to be as I am now. 

Seeking Love

My own identity ---
I don't know it
even after the age of twenty.

I started to think
I don't need to have friends.

I can't change so easily.
I don't know how to go on.

From there,my identity spreads.
When I eat the food of the Middle East,
I get excited.
When I talk with good Japanese friends,
I can be happy.
When I am alone,
I have my Poems.
Forever they are with me.
I want to think
that is enough.

Small World

You know they say that the world is small.
Perhaps it is true.
You know ,they say that if you wish, it will be realized.
Perhaps it is true.
We are connected
and our wishes will be realized.

Someone realized someone else's wish.
We share prayers, sadness and happiness.
They say it is globalization.
Deeper than words,
we may be connected deep in our minds,
being synchronized.


Because we are living in different places,
because we have different colors,
because we have different languages,
there is something that we cannot cross.

Not close enough to hold hands,
all the time passing each other,
losing heart to heart talk,
there is something that we cannot share.

Where are you from?
They were already decided when you were born,
the place you live and the color of your skin.

When did it come to be so?
Blinded by money,
people and society are coldhearted.

Because it is a different place,
because it is a different color,
because it is a different Language ---
that's exactly why we can understand each other,
that's exactly why we can consider each other.

What are you looking at?
A green line drawn on a map?
What are you thinking about?
The smile of that toothless boy on the TV?

Tell me
how far
is the border of our earth?
A Rainbow at Night

A rainbow at night shone with its color darker.
It's the first night rainbow I've seen.
The wound in my heart melted away and became
just like a warm sunny spot in daytime.
It is always true that the night brings us hope.
It whispers around the time, crossing to tomorrow.

See? I said so.
It's alright.
Our hearts are connected.
On the way home the moon cleaned my room.
Scattered clothes are calmed down.

Slowly the rainbow lured me to bed.

It was not seven colors.
The lights spread in my room to enfold me.

It was more than a thousand lights.
Night Sea

Looking at the night sea, 
Looking at the waves of the night sea,
When I close my eyes, I feel the depth of the night sea .

Following a wave behind,
the endress drawing sound tells how deep it is.

The endless drawing sound 
without any words 
tells of human life and the life of the earth.

In this endless work
I saw myself
washed away by

Don't cry anymore

Don't cry anymore.
You have no friends here.
You should go further.
You can't find your friends here.
Can you live on 
if let you out of the cage?

   Squeak  squeak
   Squeak  squeak

The squirrel cities,
"I want to have friends"
"Just friends"  
Passing Shower

Standing under the roof
during a passing shower in early summer
I smell the dust
thrown up by the rain.

Greens may be happy now.
Flowers and plants,
rice fields and vegetable fields ---
all may be happy now.

People are busy looking for roofs and umbrellas.
But rain is necessary for Nature.
It is strange
that we are living together.
The cherries are out of blooms.
Ginkgoes come into buds.
Like a graduation,
they changes like a human heart.

If there is a land in my mind,
what smell dose it have?
Is it this smell of dust?
Is it this smell of tenderness and strength?

The asphalt road is wet.
Cats fall into a doze.
Opening the window,
I'm enjoyed the smell.

Far away
a pigeon coos.

A Present

In the transparent wind,
I lay down on a carpet of dandelions.
They were waving toward the brue sky.

Watching the flowing clouds,
I felt as if I were becoming transparent.
Closing my eyes, 
I felt them
become hot,
just like a child
hungry for love,
big tears
dropped from my eyes.

To me,
who wanted to be along,
it was a present given by God ---
me lying down on the carpet,
dandelions playing in the wind.

I am happy.
Warm sunlight
reflecting your smile
disappeared slowly.

What are you doing now?
Suddenly it ran through my mind.
Silent loneliness 
came to me
who gad wanted to be alone.

Then,from the dream,
I woke up.

Maya Inoue is a director of the Kanagawa Lyricists Association and has works such as “small world” .

Maya Inoue [official] :

Maya : When I close my eyes,I feel the depth