– Night Sea –

Night Sea

Looking at the night sea,

Looking at the waves of the night sea,

when I close my eyes,

I feel the night sea.


Following a wave


the endless drawing sound.

tells how deep it is.


The endless wave following the sound

without any words

tells of human life and the life of the earth.


In this endless work

I saw myself

washed away by



Poem : Maya Inoue ( translated by Keiko Yonaha )

投稿者: Tetsuro Higashi

I was born and brought up in Tokyo Japan. Now I teach mathematics . At age 20 I took up painting. I took up taking photos before 5 years. I have learned taking photos by myself . I grew up while watching ukiyo-e and have learned a lot from Sandro Botticelli , Pablo Picasso. Studying works of Rembrandt Hamensz . Van Rijn, I make up the light and shadow. + INTERNATIONAL PHOTO EXPO 2015 / 26 February ~ 31 March Piramid Sanat Istanbul, Turkey + World Contemporary Art 2015 Nobember + Festival Europeen de la Photo de Nu 06 ~ 16 May 2016 Solo exposition at palais de l archeveche arles, France +2016 Photo Beijing 13~26th October Group exhibitions ..... *Anna Uchiyama’s first exhibition as an artist model . 25 October - 11 November 2018 New Jorg Gallery in Belgium + Galerie Rachel Hardouin + 15 curiosity + experiences presents Anna Uchiyama (in Paris , France) from November 2018 6th to December 1rst *Sponsored by Tetsuya Fukui 23 February - 02 March 2019 Cafe & Bar Reverse in Ginza,Tokyo,Japan *Salon de la Photo de Paris 8th – 10th – 11th 2019 * Anna Uchiyama Photo-Exhibition Galerie 15 Art Director : Rachel Hardouin November 6th ~ December 15th 2019 Galerie 15 Martel :15 rue Martel 75010 Paris *MERCRED 13 NOVEMBRE / MERCRED 15 JANVIER 2020                                       ANNA  UCHIYAMA                                                                                           VERNISSAGE MERCRED 13 NOVEBRE 2019 L’Eurydice  : 79 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 75005 Paris                                              Ouvert de 17H a 2H00,ferme le lundi                                                                 Evenement produit par la GALERIE RACHEL HERDDOUIN                                         15, rue Martel 75010 Paris, Galerie de I'intime 4e etage.15 martel.com *Exhibition NAKED 2020 in Himeji    Produce : Akiko Shinmura      Event Organizer : Audience Aresorate December 1th ~ 14th  2020