at the party after OTALLY NAKED EXPO/SHOW

Koray Erkaya invited all of us from TOTALLY NAKED EXPO/SHOW to his home for a drink… After a certain time the home became the photo studio. Erden Cantürk strated to take photos to all with known light.. Tetsuro Higashi was happy as he was with his translator friend.. We had a great fun there, thank you Koray… At the same time the owner of the DİFO LAB Mr Kulaksiz Jr. was with us for a short period of time. He printed Koray’s and Erden Cantürk/ Çehre Sanat / Photographer photos for the expo/show… After this nice meeting I said BYE BYE to all artists as I’m also visitor in Istanbul and have many other thinks to do… I hope all has been enjoyed… Damien Guillaume Where are you, we were missing you…

・・・・・・・Cüneyt Ayral


Erden Cantürk 女史が出展者のポートレイトを撮り始めた。

モデルにされているのはUwe 氏。

背景となる黒のコートを持っているのがPhilippe と僕。




「Uwe に、あなたはモデルなのだから、気にしなくて良い!」と、Erden Cantürk 女史が言う。





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