Nude photographs by nine internationally renowned artists

Nude photographs by nine internationally renowned artists
are in a group exhibition in İstanbul
at Piramid Sanat from 26 February – 29 March

Curated by poet-novelist Cüneyt Ayral, Totally Naked consists of 49 photographic artworks. All of the works are 70×100 cm (except Baykam’s work) and without frames, “totally naked”.

The artists are Uwe Ommer from Germany, Philippe Deutsch, Damien Guillaume, and Arto Pazat from France, Tetsuro Higashi from Japan, Hugh Holland from the USA, and Bedri Baykam, Erden Cantürk and Koray Erkaya from Turkey.

Higashi, Deutsch, Guillaume, and Ommer will join the Turkish artists present at the opening on Thursday, February 26th (Having worked in Paris for 52 years, Ommer represents France as well).

“Art has included nudity since its earliest days. The human body is probably the most beautiful thing created by nature. Yet some people not only refrain from seeing a naked body in art, but they try to cover the human body almost totally. So, in contrast to that approach, I wished to prepare this exhibition: TOTALLY NAKED Thus speaks curator Cüneyt Ayral who lives in Paris, emphasizing that almost all the sculptures in Paris streets represent naked bodies and hardly anybody is offended or sexually provoked by them. Such sculptures give us aesthetic pleasure.

Prepared in Turkish, English and French, the exhibition catalogue has been published by Piramid Yayıncılık.  The cover photograph was taken by Ahmet Öre in Paris. Poet Devrim Bağman wrote his thoughts on nudity. All the artworks from the exhibition are included in the catalogue. The texts were translated into English by Tarık Günersel and into French by Beverly Barbey.

Model : Kimiko Nakahara       This photo was taken in July 2014.


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